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 Rules of the Forum

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Sam Leonhart
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Rules of the Forum Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Forum   Rules of the Forum EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 3:44 am

Here are the rules of KHForums. Please, follow the rules. Breaking some may not be severe, but some may result in deleting posts, or even banning if it gets bad.

1. Common sense is a requirement.

2. No flaming. Flaming creates anger, which causes wars and arguements, which starts deletion of posts, mass exodus', or bashing, which isn't liked. And trust this chain of events. I've been through it.

3. You can kuss, but not constantly.

4. No posting of real life porn/porn links.

5. Try not to double post.

6. Be sensible with sigs. Do not use giant gifs etc to keep load times down. Do not use one giant picture that takes up this entire space.

7. Keep threads on topic or posts will be deleted.

8. Try to not post if all you have to say is lol, or something like that. That is kind of annoying, and is hard to reply to.

9. No duplicate accounts.

10. No advertising threads unless previously given the ok by Admins
(Me, Yumi, or VT). However, we encourage you tell your friends!

11. Avoid harsh character bashing, it offends people and can easily lead to flame wars. If you harshly character bash we may edit your post or delete it.

12. If you post fan art, fan fic or art of any kind that is not yours, please credit the artist. If we have to warn you for this more than once you may be banned.

13. Don't encourage trolls, if you reply to or encourage trolls in any way that makes them continue their way, you might be treated similar to the troll.

14. If you don't like something a mod does do not start a flame war with them, pm them or an admin to sort it out.

15. Unless you have a really good reason we will not do name changes so pick carefully. This applies to mods also.

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Rules of the Forum
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