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 The Dark Ones

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Demon of Darkness

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PostSubject: The Dark Ones   The Dark Ones EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 3:53 am

This is my newest story. New KH Fanfiction. I hope you like it. But for now you’ll have to settle for the prologue.

“Run!” A young girl said.

As there are nobodies there are heartless. Ansem, before his defeat, created a special Heartless. One using his own essence. It has the form of a young girl. A girl with the power of darkness.

“He’s gaining!” A boy said.

The boy. Her companion. His role will be explained as the story goes. The special heartless… The girl. Ansem had put a time set on her. She was to awaken when his nobody, Xemnas, was no more. That time has come. But how will it work out is the question.

“I got you now!” Yelled another boy. A Different one.

But you will have to wait to find out this story.

Sorry for the short chapter. New story while working one another one. Kinda hard.
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Demon of Darkness

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PostSubject: Chapter 2   The Dark Ones EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 3:57 am

Riku shall be the person doing the commentary until more people show up.

Riku: Ok let’s get this story started! Please R&R! And yes! I’m not emo like most people believe!

Darkness… That’s the first thing she saw. It was overwhelming. It was everywhere. No escape. There was feeling next. Darkness and feeling. Next was sight. Smell. The heartless girl was now complete. Emotion. Feeling. Human Senses. But with superior abilities.

She was 5’4. Wearing the darkness in the form of clothes. A black hoodie with a pocket. A pair of black jeans. Black sneakers. There was the symbol of the heartless on her shirt. Her hair was long enough to reach her waist. It was the color black. As were her eyes. Darkness had created her. Ansem had made a heartless. Black is the color of Darkness. She was that color.

She got up and set out. Only thinking one thing at the moment. Her first order.

“Find the master.” She said without emotion. The emotions need to develop farther first. “The master is… Ansem…”

“Riku!” Sora yelled. They were on the island. Home. Safe and sound.

“Yeah Sora?” Riku replied.

“Let’s build another raft!” Sora suggested eagerly.

“What?!? Why? We can leave this world anytime! And I’m not in a hurry to.” Riku said.

“I meant for sailing! Our boats aren’t that big so I thought we could make a raft and sail around this world on it!” Sora explained.

“Sorry Sora. I’m not in any hurry to leave home though. I was away too long.” Riku argued. “And you were too. Didn’t your parents ground you when you got back?”

“No! They were to relieved I was alright. I didn’t tell them about what we had been doing though. They would’ve fainted.” Sora said.

“Same here. But they did enroll us back in school.” Riku said.

“Maybe if we get lucky the heartless will attack and we can miss school to go fight them.” Sora said without thinking.


“Sorry! I was joking!” Sora said trying to get out of it.

“Fine. But don’t say stuff like that again. I don’t want anything to do with the heartless. We only fight them to protect people. Not for our own reasons.” Riku said starting to lecture Sora.

Sora tried to cover his ears and not listen but he couldn’t block Riku out.

“And if someone was to get hurt it would be our faults for letting them. And if you say stuff like that you might jinx us and a giant horde of heartless would attack!” Riku continued.

“But Riku! What if just jinxed us by saying that?” Sora said turning the tables.

“Well… Uh…” But Riku didn’t get to finish his reply because something tackled him.

She was following the darkness. It was faint but she could sense her master. Her emotions and personality grew as her power with her darkness did too. She had been traveling through the dark corridors searching. Now she had the scent. It led towards an island.

The Destiny Islands.

She saw two figures. One with white hair and one with brown. The one with white hair was taller. She sensed the darkness in him. She was happy and excited. She ran and tackled him.

“Master Ansem!” She said happily.

Riku looked at what had tackled him. It was the girl.

“Wow Riku. You never told me you had a girl friend.” Sora said teasing him.

“I don’t! Get her off me!” Riku ordered Sora. Sora pulled her off Riku. She repeated what she had said.

“Master Ansem!” She said with a big smile.

Riku and Sora just stared at here.

“No that’s Riku. We defeated Ansem.” Sora said confused.

“You mean… I followed the wrong darkness?” She asked.

“Look she has a Heartless Symbol.” Riku whispered to Sora.

“Well she seems harmless.” Sora replied. “Anyways. She called you Master Ansem. So since you have his scent… It’s like you have a pet.”

“I don’t know Sora… It’ll be kinda odd.”

“Well at your house is that shed that no one uses right?”

“… Fine. But you have to help me.” Riku turned to the girl. “What’s your name?”

“Umm… Hexes!” She said making one up.

“Alright. Follow me Hexes.”
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Demon of Darkness

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PostSubject: The Beginning and Ending of Life   The Dark Ones EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 4:00 am

Riku: Well I guess I am one of the main character’s in this! That makes me important!

Hexes: Get over it. Today we introduce the real story. Apparently all this is just a prologue and back story for the real thing. Please R&R.

Riku had adapted to life with Hexes. The only difference’s from his life before is that he has to sneak food out to the shed for her. His friends have someone new to hang out with. And Waka was thrown really far into the ocean when he hit on Hexes. There were several problems considering she was easily tricked and knew nothing about anything though. And she was more trouble than at first.

“She’s kind of a handful.” Riku complained. “Worse than a pet. Sora you sure this was a good idea?”

“I know it was my idea but when did I ever say it was a good one?” Sora remarked.

“… You know… Sometimes I get the feeling you don’t think everything through.”

“Well here’s an idea then. Why not take her to Leon? He might know what to do.” Riku thought on this for awhile before they agreed on it. Luckily for them… A gummy ship was left in Sora’s possession. In easier terms. They got in the ship with Hexes and went to Radiant Garden.

They brought Hexes to Leon but the moment Leon saw her heartless symbol he pulled his gun blade on her.

“What the hell is that thing?” He asked in disgust.

“I’m not a “thing”. My name is Hexes. Heartless made from the very essence of Ansem! Master Riku has been taking care of me.” She said happily.

Leon made a odd look at Riku that pretty much said “What the hell where you thinking?”.

Leon walked off to think of how to handle this as Sora and Riku talked to him about it. Yufie was talking with Hexes on the other hand.

“So you’re a… Ninja?” Hexes asked using the new word she had learned.

“Yep! I’m Yuffie Katsuragi!” Yufie replied proudly. She went through all her tools and weapons showing off each one as Hexes watched amazed.

As for the conversation with Leon…

“I don’t care if what kind she is! She’s a heartless! And worse made directly from Ansem! She needs to be destroyed!” He yelled and everyone could hear.

“And we are telling you! She’s still a living person!” Sora yelled back.

“I agree with Sora. Just because she is a heartless doesn’t mean she isn’t a person.” Riku said agreeing.

“Why are you two so insistent on this?!? A heartless is a heartless! She’ll eventually will start attacking people!” Leon kept yelling at them until he pulled out his gun blade. “Screw it. I’m gonna do this myself!”

Riku and Sora reacted in the best way possible. Sora held off Leon who kept attack at Hexes. Riku grabbed Hexes’s arm and dragged her off.

“Master Riku! Where are we going?!?” Hexes shouted as they ran.

“We are running from Leon!”


“The one with the huge sword that’s also a gun!”


As they ran we go back to Sora holding off Leon.

“Sora! Move!” Leon yelled swung out his arm.

“No! Leon you can’t do this!” Sora shouted back.

“Yuffie!” Yuffie, not wanting to go against Leon jumped over and restricted Sora. Leon ran around and chased after Riku and Hexes.

They ended up in the area where Cloud fought Sephiroth (Can’t remember the name).

Leon caught up quickly.

“Leon please! You know this is wrong! Why are you doing this? It isn’t like you!” Riku tried to reason.

“I’m not stopping. All the heartless should be killed. That’s why I am doing this.” Leon grabbed Riku and pushed him aside. Riku tried to get back in the way but Leon punched him in the gut and Riku fell down in pain.

“Sorry about this. But you must die. All Heartless should.” Leon said sounding emotionless to Hexes.

Hexes just stood there not knowing what would happen. Next thing…

Leon’s gun blade was through her chest. “Goodbye.”

Hexes didn’t say anything as he pulled out. Riku got over there and shoved Leon out of the way. Hexes fell on him. He didn’t try to hold her or anything. He was in complete shock of having someone die and it being his fault. He couldn’t save Hexes from Leon.

Hexes was fading quickly… Her edges where already black but bits by bits were disappearing. “Master… Riku…?” She looked at him curiously about what was happening. He couldn’t get words to come out. Slowly just sitting there against him she completely faded away and her essence attached to him.

Riku turned to Leon. He rushed at him with Way to the Dawn out and attacked. Sora and Yuffie came into the canyon? And Yuffie and Sora held back Riku.

“Riku! Don’t attack Leon! That’s not the way to solve this!” Yuffie yelled. Leon left as Riku kept trying to get at Leon…

About seventeen years later… Riku and Yuffie had started talking a lot after the Hexes incident. Two years after that they had fallen in love. In another two years after they had fallen in love they had gotten married and had a kid. A young girl. She had white hair and black eyes. When they looked at her they instantly saw a resemblance to someone they had known only briefly in life. They named her Hexes. Over the next couple of years they had realized she had gotten Hexes’s essence because it had become part of Riku. She had complete control of the power of darkness and could create and summon Heartless. She had also inherited her incredible strength. Several times when she had gotten angry she had lifted their house and put it down as Yuffie and Riku calmed her down. By now she is thirteen. Riku never talks to Leon anymore though.

Now we follow them to this new day.

Hexes was now 4’7. Like stated before she is thirteen years old. She has long white hair that reaches down to her waist. Her black eyes show determination a lot of the time. She always wears all black to symbolize her link to the darkness. Normally a hoodie and black jeans plus a pair of (of course) black tennis shoes. Against her dad (Riku’s) wishes she got the heartless symbol tattoo’d onto her left cheek.

“Dad!” She yelled.

“Yes Hexes?” Riku replied.

“Have you seen my swim suit?” She asked. They live on the Destiny Islands themselves. Right on the ledge area.

“No I haven’t seen it yet. Where you going to go swimming?”

“Yeah! With some of the kids from school!” She replied. Yuffie walked out and handed it to her.

“Sorry. I was cleaning it.” She told her happily. Yuffie and Riku still dressed the same as back then and the only differences was that Riku was taller. Yuffie was still pretty much the same.

“Thanks mom! I’ll be back before eight!” She yelled as she ran up to her room to change.

“Well… I hope she isn’t being taken advantage of again.” Yuffie said. She had softened up over the years.

“Don’t worry. If they are doing that she’ll just do what she did last time.” Riku said reassuringly.

“Ummm… But I don’t think putting people in the hospital is a good way to settle her problems…” Yuffie stated.

“I guess… But she’s a good girl. I’m sure she’ll work through her problem’s.”

The real story is starting. Be ready for it. All this was a prologue… The first Hexes is gone. Now there is the new Hexes. Be ready to follow their story…

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PostSubject: Boy with a Blank Ticket   The Dark Ones EmptyWed Jul 07, 2010 7:55 pm

Hexes: Riku has been kicked out of the commentary cause he is old now! So I shall take on this job!

Yue: I… am here… as well…

Hexes: Dude your not even in the story yet… Just wait. I'm pretty sure you come in during this one. Please R&R!

"Dad! Hurry up!" Hexes yelled into the house. Riku promised to play with his daughter today.

"I'm busy at the moment! In a couple minutes!" He yelled back. To this she decided to do something drastic. She picked up the whole house and shook it a bit.

"H-Hexes! I said in a couple minutes! I promise!" She put the house down and walked out the beach by herself mostly because she is impatient. She saw someone standing next to the water. But the part of the water he was next to was frozen. She ran up to the boy. He turned to her.

Now that she got a closer look she saw that he looked about 14 or so. He had a long black ponytail and his left eye was blue while his right eye was yellow. His skin was really pale. She also noticed he was wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of sneakers. He just stared at her and didn't say anything.

"Um… Hi there! Is this your first time on the island?" She asked. He nodded but his face stayed emotionless. "… So what's your name?" He opened his mouth to say something but he stayed silent. So he just stood there with his mouth open. Then he finally responded.

"I… don't know…" He said quietly.

"You don't know? Is that possible?"

"I… can't remember anything…"

"You don't!" She asked surprised. She had never ran into a person with amnesia before.

"No…" He said quietly again.

'He isn't very loud.' She thought to herself. He stepped away from the water and towards her as the ice on the water melted. He stopped right in front of her. Close enough for her to feel his breathe. He wasn't to much taller than her in all actuality. His breathe was cold.

Hexes took a step back as she felt something touch her side. She looked down to see something in his hand. It looked like a sword combined with a key. It's handle and guard was shaped like a giant snowflake and the blade looked like that of a sword made of ice. There were two icicles sticking out the back of the top. On the bottom of the handle was a keychain that looked like heart encased in ice.

"Oh it's a key blade!" She said out loud, remembering her father's weapon, Way to the Dawn.

"… Key… Blade…?" He said curiously.

"It's a weapon only certain people can use!" She said excitedly. She only knew of four key blade wielders. Her dad, "Uncle" Sora, "Aunt" Kairi, and a mouse person that visits all of them sometimes. "That means your special! … Say since you can't remember anything want to hang around with me until you do?"

He nodded and followed her back to her house.

"Oh? Hexes, who is that boy?" Her mom (Yuffie) asked.

"Oh he's my new friend!"

"Well be careful. You never know what kind of people are out there."

"Yeah yeah…" Hexes replied as she grabbed the newspaper and pulled the boy upstairs.

"Ok. Since you don't remember your name we are going to have to choose one for you! Look through this and find one you like." She handed him the newspaper. He quietly read and then pulled on her sleeve. "That was fast. What's the name?" He pointed straight at it. She read it.

"Um… That's a girls name." She told him. He just stared at her. When she looked back to met his eyes he shyly looked away. He then turned and stared at the name. Minutes passed. "Oh fine. We will use that name for you." He turned back to her and made a small warm smile. She smiled back.

"Oh I guess I should've said this sooner but now is good too. I'm Hexes! It's nice to meet you! …Yue!" She said happily. He smiled and replied with a full sentence for once.

"Nice to meet you too… Hexes." He said with happiness in his voice instead of the usually emotionless tone. She grabbed his arm and pulled him outside. As she passed the kitchen Riku called out.

"Hexes I'm sorry! I have something I need to take care of!"

"It's alright! I'll just go play with Yue!" She said as she pulled Yue along and then went out the front door.

"… Yue?" Riku asked himself somewhat curious.

After a couple of hours of Hexes telling stuff to Yue she decided to show off a little too.

Yue! Watch this!" She said as she picked up a log. He watched curiously as she hugged it. Then she hugged only a tiny bit tighter as it crunched inward and she broke it in two. He gasped.

"I got monster like strength!" She explained. "I can hold it back when I do stuff at normal strength. But if I use even a tiny bit more than normal then I have enough to practically pick up my house! And heavier things to." He stared at her amazed.

"Oh and I can do this!" Something came up from her shadow. A jet black lance. She grabbed it. "I can create objects from darkness. Cool right?" He nodded vigorously. Then she concentrated on the ground next to him. A shadow with stubby legs, short arms, and antenna's formed and raised up. "That's a heartless. The lowest kind. A shadow. Normally they steal people hearts and attack the good people. For some reason I can summon them, control them, and make new ones." She said as she stroked it.

Yue reached out to pet it but it retaliated and attacked him. His key blade appeared as he slashed it before it could touch him.

"Oh… I forgot to mention that I wasn't controlling that one. Sorry…"

"It's… alright…" He pointed at her. "You… showed me… a lot… my… turn." He put his hand out. Ice froze over it into the shape of a claw. Then the air in front of it froze and icicles formed in mid-air but didn't fall. Then they instantly melted. He then pointed at himself. "Complete… control… ice… Realized before… you showed up…"

She recalled seeing the ice on the water. Then she looked at his key blade. "What do you call it?" She asked wanting to know the name of his key blade. He took a look at it then looked at her. He pondered for a moment.

"… Frozen Trust…" He said fluently.

"Frozen Trust… That has a ring to it! Well then! From this day one you are Yue! Ice God and Key blade Master of Frozen Trust!" She said making it up.

He shook his head. "Not… a god… Human." He replied.

"Don't sweat it! It's just a title. No problem with it." She said patting him on the back. "Come on. We are going home."

"Home?" He asked. He doesn't have a home. He doesn't even have memories.

"Yeah! My house! It's not like you have anywhere to stay is it?"

"…" He sat down and looked at the water. The sun was setting and the water looked red.

"Beautiful isn't it?" She asked standing behind him.

"… Yeah…" He replied. And then he said something. But it was quiet enough that she didn't hear it. "But then again… It looks… Like a sea of blood…" He got up.

She stared at him as he stared at her. "Which way… to home?" He asked.

Hexes smiled happily and grabbed him by the wrist. "This way!" She declared pulling him along.

"You want this boy… to stay with us… In your room!" Riku yelled.

"Yeah. Is there anything wrong with Yue being in my room?" Hexes asked.

"He's a teenage boy. You're a girl. Think this over." Yuffie said. She seemed fine with it.

"Stop worrying! He won't try anything." Yue nodded. "And if he does then I'll just break his arms." He stared at her then backed away a few steps.

Riku rubbed his head then submitted to it. (Now that I think about it I didn't say what Riku looks like now. He looks like Ansem but his skin is its normal color. Not all dark.) "Ok fine. But remember… If anything happens… He is a dead man."

"Ok! Thanks Dad! Thanks Mom!" Hexes said happily as she pulled Yue upstairs. He mouthed Thank You as she pulled him.

Riku stood there then went over to the cupboard.

"What are you looking for?" Yuffie asked.

"Aspirin. I got a huge headache…" He told her as she laughed.

With the addition of Yue the story is progressing along… But what awaits them the next day? Only time will tell…
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PostSubject: The Super Explosive Hyper Active House Guest   The Dark Ones EmptyFri Jul 09, 2010 11:34 pm

Hexes: Welcome to the newest chapter of The Dark Ones!

Yue:… Cliché…

Hexes: Shut it!


Hexes: Gah! Please R&R!

Someone was staring at Hexes‘s house.

“This looks like the place…” They said. They readied for anything they might see. They went up and knocked.

Hexes heard someone knock on the door. She left Yue who was trying to figure out how to work a microwave as she went to answer it. She opened the door to see a girl that was 5’9. The girl had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in a brown robe with slacks on her legs because the robe ended at her knees.

“Um excuse me. Are you Hexes?” The girl asked.

“Yes.” She answered plainly.

“Ok good. I’m Millie. I’ve heard you recently found someone with amnesia?”


“May I meet them?” Millie smiled softly.

Hexes called Yue over but after a look at him Millie shook her head.

“Nevermind. Still no clues…”

“Clues…to…what…?” Yue asked.

“Ah… I’m searching for people with amnesia for the off off chance it could be the legendary master of earth!” Millie replied enthusiastically. She had a sparkle in her eyes. “I know it’s odd for an adult to be so excited about something like this but its great!” By Hexes’s guess Millie was twenty-three.

“Well thanks!” Millie said. She turned to leave but Hexes grabbed her by the wrist.

“Wait. Want to stay with us for awhile?” Hexes asked.

“Eh? Your asking a total stranger?” Millie was confused in more ways than one.

“Well no offense but… I can already tell you are completely hopless.” Hexes put bluntly. Yue nodded along.

“I get that a lot. But I shouldn’t impose… But then again I can make new friends!” Millie said. She walked in with a smile and looked down at the two of them. “… Shorties.”

“What?!?” Hexes yelled getting angry. Luckily Yuffie and Riku left that morning for something.

“Oh. Sorry. I have a tendency to say what I’m thinking outloud.” Millie apologized as she rubbed the back of her head with her smile still there.

“…Odd…” Yue said to himself. Hexes showed Millie around as Yue went back to trying to figure out how to work the toaster.

After they finished Millie’s tour they talked at the table. Yue and Hexes were having soda. Millie was having black coffee.

“So your looking for a man who can manipulate the earth itself and brings peace to every place he goes?” Hexes asked amazed.


“Honestly that’s amazing. I would just wait for him to show up one day.”

“Well I don’t have time to wait!” Millie said. Then she turned to Yue. “By the way… Is it fun being a living cliché?”

“…What…?” Yue asked while Hexes spit out her sprite and fell down laughing.

“Well you have no memory, you have a mysterious weapon (They filled Millie in), and you don’t talk much. The only thing about you that isn’t a cliché is that you didn’t remember your name!” Millie said interested.

“… It’s… exciting…?” He said considering he had only been around for a day.

“Hmm… When are your parents getting home?” Millie asked. Being concerned about the your is so gr- “Oh before that. Are you two a couple?” Nvm. Commentary man out.

Hexes spit out her drink again as Yue got wide eyed with disbelief she asked that.

Millie studied their faces.

“Ok so that’s a no. Well it was a valid question. So back to my first question. When are your parents getting back?”

Hexes was trying to stop coughing while she tried to answered as well.

“At *cough* night!” She got out. Yue just sat there like before.

“Ah. Well I guess I should watch over you two till then. Don’t want anything bad happening,”

“… Bad…?” Yue asked.

“Yeah. For example. A robber who will most likely show up just because I mentioned it!” As she said that the door fell down and a man with a gun came in.

“Nobody move! Just put all the valuables in the bag and no one gets hurt!” The man yelled.

Certain thought’s were running through our characters minds.

Hexes: ‘Oh great. An idiot. How did he even get here?’

Yue: …

Millie: ‘I knew it! Cliché power go!’

Millie got up and took something off her wrist and walked towards the man.

“Smart lady.” He said as he held out the bag. She dropped it in and walked back. As she sat back down he took it out of the bag. It was a bracelet. Then it blew up, knocking the man unconscious. Hexes and Yue both stared at what had happened then at Millie.

“… What? I’m an explosive expert. Good with bombs and stuff.”

“Oh…” They both went.

About seven or so hours later.

“Hexes… You want me to let yet another stranger stay here?” Riku annoyed.

“She’s not a stranger! She’s my friend!” Hexes said holding onto a smiling Millie’s arm.

“Well where will she stay?” Yuffie asked.

“We have a couch in the living room don’t we?” Hexes argued.

“Oh it’s alright. I don’t have to stay. I need to be on my way eventually anyway.” Millie said.

“Nooo!! You’re my new friend!!! Don’t leave!” Hexes pulled on Millie’s arm.

“Well I guess… How about this.” Millie leaned down to Hexes’s level. “I’ll stay in town and come back to see you everyday until I have to leave. Is that ok?”

Hexes pondered this then nodded happily.

Mille turned to Riku and Yuffie. “Sorry if I’m being bothersome.”

“It’s fine… Atleast you aren’t staying here like someone.” Riku said looking at Yue.

“Well… I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” Millie waved as she walked out the door. And kept waving until she ran into a tree. She got up, waved again, then disappeared from sight.

“… Hexes… Why do you make so many odd friends?” Yuffie asked.

“Because it’s more fun that way!” Hexes said smiling.

“I know that feeling… Yet it’s not really fun… It’s more… Unpredictable.” Riku said to himself.

It was the next day and Millie came back. But she didn’t look so great.

“Millie! What’s wrong?” Hexes asked. Riku and Yuffie had come out to great her as well. Yue was still eating.

“Someone made me watch the spice girls movie… Now I know how war veteran‘s feel…” Millie replied sounding tired and disturbed.

Riku and Yuffie both shivered at that name. After a minute or so of trying to forget about it she didn’t. But she did manage to keep it off her mind.

Hexes and Millie just talked again. Well until Millie dropped something that blew a tree sky high, apologized, then put the rest of her explosives in bags.

And so ends another chapter in this story. Now we have another person to follow. Hexes, Yue, Millie… Thing always happen in three’s… Keep updated!
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The Dark Ones
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