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Demon of Darkness

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PostSubject: Hexes   Hexes EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 5:21 am

Name: Hexes

Race: Human

Age: 13

Riku and Yuffie's daughter. She was born 4 years after the events of KH2 and about a three or more after the events in the first 3 chapters in The Dark Ones (these chapters are to build up back story for the second part which is way, way, way, longer). She has long white hair and black eyes. She is usually wearing all black. It's usually a hoodie and jeans. She is a curious person and is sometimes easily tricked. But when she gets mad she breaks bones but forgives people quickly. She's also very easy to get along with. She has a tattoo of the heartless symbol on her left cheek.

She inherited the first Hexes's powers of darkness and monster strength that with she could throw the coliseum. The last Hexes's essence got trapped in Riku because his connection to Ansem and that's how her esscence became that of this Hexes. She is good with almost any weapon but prefer's hand to hand. Her power with darkness is not weak. She had total domination over it. She can summon Heartless and create new ones. She can also make things from the darkness. But she sucks at magic that uses any element besides darkness and for some reason she can't open the Dark Corridor.
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