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 Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD

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Sam Leonhart
King of Twilight, General of Hell
Sam Leonhart

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Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD Empty
PostSubject: Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD   Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 11:05 am

Due to it being Kingdom Hearts, I'm bringing my KH ToD here! Enjoy!


Sam Leonhart (SL(Me))- Your loveable (or as loveable someone who is naturally evil can be) host. No one can destroyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,* annilate, kill or Norris me. Chuck Norris is in MY Fanbase!

Sora- Keyblade Master, and either in love or addicted to Kairi. If anything happens to her, he goes crazy and will kill everyone. First victim of the Death-i-Nation.

Riku- Sora’s best friend/rival. Dark, and very possibly emo. Huge anti-hero and bigger trend breaker.

Kairi- Source of Sora’s twisted love I call addiction or obssesion. Naïve, cute, and very loveable. Just don’t say that anywhere near Sora.

Leon- My good ol’ dad, and I don’t want to protect him! I must abolish my love for him! *stabs Leon in the head.* That’s much better!

Cloud- actually reads this site and loves 90.5% of ToD’s, mainly teen rated. Lives in a fantasy world.

Sephiroth- Addicted to genocide! ’Nuff said. Well, Arceus is his fan girl. Now we have a female Fanbase member!

Yuffie- An idiotic ninja. Hioshi! A new member for the Idiot Olympics!

Tifa- Super strong, and a temper to pass it! The only reason is steroids! *Tifa breaks through the wall behind me, and unleashes an unearthly howl.* Yep. She’s on steroids.

Aerith- Preachy fucking bitch. Let’s leave it at that.

Cid- Nearly forgot him. Lonely spaceship man. No real meaning!

Mickey- King, and totally full of himself. Only goes on those quests for all of the glory!

Donald- The only person other than Seph and Wuss who pose’s a threat. Must be sad to lose all your power.

Goofy- Biggest idiot, and yet he has an IQ of 169. Did someone just yell split personality? (Random Guy: YES!!)

Roxas- My mentor. A Nobody with the power of Twilight. Those who have that power but hate the seires are fuckin’ awesome!!

Sam the Wuss(SW)- The actual author in OC form. Still dareable.

Sam the Warrior(SWa)- Same as above, just even more beastly!

Organization XIII- Biggest buncha suckin’ loser’s EVER!! XEMNAS FUCKIN’ SUCKS!! *Xemnas starts to sob.*

Moogles- Merchants, but not as simple as that. They have big red noses, and a big pom-pom thing on there head. Whatever you do, don’t fuckin’ touch it! I know what happens. It’s scary, somewhat.

Heartless- Little dark colored blobs. But, from what Kanye did to Taylor Swift, they aren’t the most heartless. I still have to tell them.

Nobodies- Still can talk. Simple as that.

Possible Co-hosts- Friends of mine. Personal Friends.

End of story, so far. I have everyone here, but this all the one’s I have time for. Dare for everyone else too.


Help I'm steppin' into the Twilight Zone
Place is a madhouse
Feels like being cloned
My becaons been moved
Under moon and star
Where am I to go Now that I've gone too far
Soon You will come to know
When the bullet hits the bone

PS: To all author’s who’s ToD got deleted on FF.Net, this was and will be for you.
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Sam Leonhart
King of Twilight, General of Hell
Sam Leonhart

Posts : 129
Munny : 64512
Join date : 2010-07-01
Age : 23
Location : Usually Radient Garden, but I have clones everywhere!

Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 2: Death of the Flamers   Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 11:08 am

Torturing Kingdom Hearts Chapter Two
Death of the Flamers!

SL: I wish I had got this place in a better way… *Looks at the former Ask Jiggly studio. Suddenly, an idea sparks.* I could add the Smashers!

SW: You do know she’s redoing it?

SL: She is?! Awesome! *Looks at all the reader’s* Thanks for putting up dares for KH 1 & 2. I don’t have a PSP, and can’t find 358/2 Days or CoM. Except InfinteAnime. He reviewed with some thing from FF7: Advent Child. Haven’t seen it yet. Go ahead, sue me!

SL: Well, we are currently in an abandoned warehouse, with working bathrooms! *All Random Guys: YES!!!* Now to introduce an authoress who reviewed in this story’s week-long live on FF.Net, Yuki!!! *Confetti falls from the ceiling as the door opens. No ones there.*

SW: Is she late? *The girls room door open, and Yuki walks out.*

Yuki: O_o Oh… Was I early?

SL: How long have you been here?!

Yuki: 2 hours.


SW: I’ll bring the stars. *Summons every KH character from the first to games. They all land in a jumbled up pile. Yuki see‘s Roxas.*

Yuki: ROXAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! *Starts chasing him around the studio.*

SW: OK… I think I have homework… BYE!! *Uses the power’s of his wussiness to teleport.*

SL: Wuss… Doesn’t want an awesome ToD hosting job. I’m so lucky. *Looks around to see everyone up.* FIRST DARE!!!!

Everyone: *Looks at him.* NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Newandimprovednobody

I got my fic deleted pretty early, but I don't know the song. Oh well.

Nobodies: YOU STOLE MY NAME, YOU ASSHOLES!!! (charges at them with a shotgun and chainsaw)
Goofy: Act like a dull, dull person.
Mickey: Face an army of evil cats with only a slice of gorgonzola cheese. No ninja gear or keyblades, either. The cheese and only the cheese must get you through this.
Heartless: How are you still alive if you don't have a heart?
All three Sams: Have a sweet pimping ride.
Riku: Fight your worst enemy...The Smiley Happy Happy Joy Joy Dude Who Sings Happy Songs Constantly!!!
Sora: Go to Kairi Rehab.
Yuffie: Are you the worst ninja ever? Fight Naruto. If you lose, then you are indeed the Worst Ninja Ever.
Tifa: Lay off the steroids or I will rip your spine out.
Moogles: Become threatening. I'm serious, you look like a teddy bear with bat wings.
Organization XIII: Can you defeat...BARNEY THE DINOSAUR????

Peace, dude.


Nobodies and Organization XIII: *Turns to see an author with a shotgun and chainsaw charging at them*

Xemnas: Attack!!!! *Suddenly, Nobody disappears. Looks back and see’s that Nobody killed them all and is about to shoot him.* Shit… *Gets blown-up.*

Nobody: Sam Leonhart!! You killed him!!

SL: So?

Nain:… Just do the dares!

Goofy: Duhhhh…………

Mickey: Cheese!! *Starts to eat cheese.* Oh, right. Ninja cats… I must fight, for that is the only way people will like me!!!!

Ninja Cat: Hi. My name is Gaaara.

Mickey: HIYAH!!! *Jumps at Gaaara with gorgonzola cheese swinging.*

Gaaara: *Crushes Mickey with chakra-infused Kitty Litter. Then eats the cheese.* Good-bye.

Heartless: @#!#$%$^?

SL: Damn. Forgot the translating collar’s… Oh well.

F. Ansem: I will study them. *Get’s a dirty look in his eye.*

SL: Oh, sh-- Well, I’m not doing that dare, since I’m fake, the Warrior’s fake, and the Wuss is only 13. Sorry… And, I’m not even sure what it means exactly… Blame a 13 year old writer for that!!


SL: Yep.

SHHJJDWSHHSC: I LOVE YOU, YOU --- *Get’s head cut off, then shot to dust.*

SL: He deserved that. I. Hate. Barney!

SW: Ditto.

Sora: When did you get back? You just appeared out of nowhere! *Looks at hair.* Did you get a haircut?

SW: Something called, hacks. And yes!

Every KH character present: *Doesn't care.*

SW: Oh, and I’m you’re ticket to Kairi rehab, Sora!

Sora: When do I leave? Can I pack?

SL: End of chapter, and yes.

Yuffie: Who’s Narotu?

SW: Did you just call him Narotu?

Yuffie: Yes?

SW: She’s the Worst Ninja Ever to Exist. Because she doesn't know ninja's names.

Naruto: Awww… I wanted to kill her with some wind style jutsu...

SL: Sorry, man. I’ll make it up to you. *Hands Naruto $10.* Buy some Ramen.

Naruto: RAMEN!!! WOO-HOO!!!

Cloud: I checked her room when I saw that dare over your shoulder. There aren’t any steroids! *Get’s head cut off.*

SL: Know one reads over my shoulder, and … HOLY SH--!!

Moogle 1: Our true form is… weird. The body you described nothing but a host we are draining of life.

SL: Mommy… And no, they can’t. Barney has automatic reinforcements of Elmo and Wacko Jacko, and are called the Death-I-Nation.

Xemnas: …Damn…


From: Akako Hama

Ichi: He might have been referring to someone else.
Hoshi: Oh.
Sora: Fight heartless with this feather. (Rips feather off of Donald)
Goofy: You seem to be the only one who talks sense. Why?
Sephoroth: I have your weakness, imortal fangirls. GET HIM GIRLS!
All guys: You know, half of those fangirls are yaoi fangirls. You are all doomed.
Xemnas: You will be called Mansex for three chapters. I raarranged the letters on your name for this one.
Hoshi: Hmm, this is actually good.
Ichi: How?
Hoshi: Now I get to give these guys dares instead of just announcing the pain to them.

SW: … Oh. Shit.

Sephiroth: Ha! Called out!

SL: Aw, shit. I have to come to the Wuss’ defense! Come on in girls!!

Immortal Fangirls: *Crash into every window, and attack Sephiroth. Then try to make his dead body be yaoi with Sora.*

SW and SL: GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *All fan girls disappear.*

SW: That is why I don’t use fangirls. They are dangerous.

SL: We use my fan base. Their in the building next door! *Points to a building as high as the Empire State Building, and as wide as Tokyo.*

Riku: Damn…

SW: Sora! Dare for you!! *Pulls Sora out of bedroom. Yanks a feather off Donald.* Use this to kill all the Heartless!

Sora: * takes feather, then has Heart stolen. Again.*

Roxas: Now we have to deal with two of me! Holy shit!!

SL: No. You already exist, so your fine! Besides, where is Yuki?

Roxas: Locked in the bathroom.

SL: Oh. And Goofy’s an idiot right now, and I will not call anyone that! Although I know of that respelling. Next dare’s!!!

From: InfiniteAnime

Xemnas: I hate you. Be PWNED by ANYONE of Sam Leonhart's choice.
Saix: I hate you, too. You shall not have your precious Moon for an ENTIRE DAY.
Larxene: You're a bitch. Be bitch slapped.
Axel: You're awesome. Plus... your voice is the same as Reno's from Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. Meet Reno from said movie and hang out with him. Let the confusion begin. Afterward... burn anyone of your choice.
Marluxia: You have pink hair. Therefore, you're gay. You're precious flowers shall be stepped on and you can do NOTHING to stop it.
Zexion: Style your hair correctly instead of it being emo hair.
Xigbar: Are you supposed to be a pirate? Fine then. Talk like a pirate until Sam Leonhart tells you to stop.
Luxord: You like card games eh? Fine... let me introduce you to the game duel monsters... (Have him duel Yugi or a Yu-Gi-Oh! character of your choice and have him lose BADLY lol)
Hayner/Pence/Olette: I like you guys. You're somewhat underestimated IMO. I wrote a VERY long fic in the KH section about you three where you obtained the Dream Weapons (Dream Sword, Dream Shield, and Dream Rod) and PWNED people. (INCLUDING Sonic characters in the later Part 3 crazy crossover part) So... here... *gives Hayner the Dream Sword, Pence the Dream Shield, and Olette the Dream Rod. Then... 1,000 Nobodies appear out of nowhere* Fight them if you don't mind... (Have them win. Please? )
That's all I got. Sorry...

SL: Well, Xemnas. I just saved you. Now Wuss in warrior mode, *Wuss glow’s, then become’s a 19 year old with 7 guns, 7 knife’s, and 7 swords.* Chuck Norris, *come’s out of the fan base building.* and I will kill you.

SL, SWa, and Chuck Norris: *Kill Xemnas so fast no one will ever know how he died. All that is left is a blood puddle.*

SL: Saix!! We need you!!

Saix: *In his room, looking at a blown-up picture of the Moon.* I’ll be back, my love. *As he walks out, I nuke his room.* Yes?

SL: No moon for you.

Saix: *Dies a painful death.*

SW: Ok, I’ve wanted to do this, although I’ve never fought her. *bitch slaps Larxene.*

Axel: *Lights Aria6 on fire.* I’m to awesome to be in a yoai pairing with Sora, bitch!!!!

SL: I did that before he came.

Marluxia: You stepped on my sexy flowers? I’ll kill you, you bastard!!

SW: I don’t remember what he looks like, so I shaved his head while he was asleep.

Lexion: You shaved my head?!?!?! *Feels bald head.* You bastard!

SL: Why do they keep calling us that?

SW: *Shrugs.*

Xigbar: Argh, me mateys! On the horizan, me telescoped scout found a...

SL: Stop! You have to make sense!

Xigbar: Aye, aye, Captain Leonhart!

Luxard: Yu-Gi-Oh? What the fuck?

SW: Card game.

Luxard: I am the best cards player ever!! *Runs off to go against Kiba.*

SL: You forgot your deck!!! Oh well. *Hands Hayner, Pence, and Olette Dream Weapons. Summons 1001 Nobodies. All Dusks.* What? I control them!

---20 mins. Later---

Hayner and a single Nobody are left standing. Pence just collapsed, and Olette passed out 5 minutes ago. The Dusk moves to strike, and Hayner blocks and counterstrikes, slicing it in two
“Hell Yeah!” Hayner yells. Then he faints.

Overall POV

SW: Next dares! *Tries to get online.* Oh shoot. Internets screwy.

SL: That sucks. Must be the snow.

(3 Hours Later)

From: Sceptilelv100

Roxas: Juggle razor-sharp knives while balancing on a giant ball with a bowl of ice-cream on your head.

Sora: Attempt to stop Roxas, while you're wrapped up tighter than a mummy.(includes being blindfolded)

That's all I can think of.

Sceptilelv100(R), the master of all forest dragons(tm)


SL: Well, Scept, that’s all you need! ROXAS!!! WE NEED YOU!!!

Yuki: I think I chased him to death.

SL: Shit. *Revives Roxas.*

Roxas: Yeah? *Gets handed the knifes, and stood on top of the ice cream.*

SL: Juggle!! Juggle now!!

Roxas: *Juggles the knives.*

SL: Sora. I need you to wrap yourself up into a blindfolded mummy.

Sora: OK. *Wraps himself up, and then turns to the door.*

SL: Now stop Roxas.

Sora: Hhhhmmm (Awwww…). *Goes to stop Roxas, only to knock him off, and kill them both.*

SL: Well, I need to revive them, but first, time for the reason I named this chapter this. *Summons Oz Minor into the warehouse.*

OM: Where am I?

SW: Torturing Kingdom Hearts.

OM: Didn’t report that story?

SL: Yeah, but it’s on a different site. *Kills him the same way we killed Xemnas.* Serves you right. *Spits into the puddle. Then revives Sora and Roxas.*

SW: *Throws Sora and his stuff to Kairi Rehab.* Well, see you next chapter!!

Lyrics Game!!:

On a cold winters morning
In the time before the light
In flames of death's eternal rain
We ride towards the fight
When the darkness is falling down
And the times are tough alright
The sound of evil laughter
Falls around the world tonight
Fighting hard, fighting on for the steel
Through the wastelands evermore
The scattered souls will feel the hell
Bodies wasted on the shores

The previous song was Twilight Zone by Golden Earring! Search it up!
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Sam Leonhart
King of Twilight, General of Hell
Sam Leonhart

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Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 3: # of Reviews   Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 11:31 am

# of dares!

SL: How are y’all?! *Fanbase cheers.* I need you all to attack CD, Ask Jiggly, and Pokemon ToD.

SW: I thought you liked those, too?

SL: I do. It’s for dares.

SW: Oh. OK.

SL: Thanks to Sceptinator, who is to soon be attacked, Naskara_Dragoon, and lord_bren for all daring. As of the moment, you’re the only ones!

SL: *Walks up to the video monitor, and see’s everyone is asleep.* Hmmm… *Walks up to the PA system.* WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!! THE LU HAVE FOUND US!!!! *They all get up, and go right back to sleep.* WE NEED TO GET OUT!!! THEY HAVE NUKES!!! *They all get out of bed, and gather into the bunker as quick as possible.*

In the bunker

Yuki: *Snuggling with an uncomfortable Roxas.* Why are we here again?

SL: To get you all up.

Sora: Where’s the Wuss?

SL: At home. He only comes for the beginning now! *Goes and grabs the dares.* First dares!! By… Sceptile!!!

From: Sceptilelv100

Saix: Go for a walk...*secretly sets up an assassin to kill Saix*

Axel: How did you get those scars around your eyes?

The name of the song is "Through the Fire and the Flames" By Dragonforce.
(By the way, did you get the name the song game idea from KeyBladeBoy?)

Sceptilelv100(R), the master of all forest dragons(tm)

Saix: Not until the moon is out.

SL: Go. Or else.

Saix: No! *Gets thrown into the Death-I-nation room.* NOOO!!!! *Gets raped by MJ, killed by Elmo, and eaten by Barney.*

SL: *Get’s Saix out, and revives him.* Go. Now.

Saix: *Leave’s as fast as he can. Then, 10 minutes later, we hear a scream as he dies.*

Axel: I got them when I was 5. My dad beat me, I ran away, joined the circus, and left, then joined a gang.

Xion: Really?!

Axel: Nah. They’re tattoo’s.

SL: For the correct guess, you, my friend, get…

Everyone: *Musically.* AN OREO COOKIE CAKE!!!

SL: You guessed the song right. It was ‘Through the Fire and the Flames’ by Dragonforce! *Get's dares.* NEXT DARES!!

From: Naskara_Dragoon

Hello, want to be dared? lets start something simple shall we?


Xemnas and F. Ansem: be pwned by the Lingering Sentiment(aka Enginmatic Soldier in English) and the REAL Ansem the Wise.

Demyx: do a marathon of saying 'Dance Water Dance' for 12 hours straight without stop.

Saix: go to vet for your shots

Marluxia: get your hair dyed to anything non-pink and get a different hobby

Vexen: go manic on dissections on the heartless

Sephiroth: go get a hair cut. (make sure the hair cut is in a DISASTERIOUS result)

That's all for now.

SL: Was sup, Naskara? And I know who the Lingering Sentiment is.

Vanitas: *Looks up.* Huh? You need me?

SL: Yeah. Fight Xemnas. Ansem, fight Ansem. That easy. *As they go to fight, I call Demyx.*

Demyx: Yeah?

SL: We’re all going tom hate this, but sing ‘Dance, water, dance‘, for 12 hours straight.

Demyx: Ok. *Gets water guitar.* Dance, water, dance! Dance, water, dance! Dance water, dance!

12 hours later

Overall View: *The fight between the dared 4 haven’t ended yet, and everyone else is dead from Demyx’ singing.*

Demyx: *See’s everyone’s dead.* Am I really that bad?!

Chuck Norris: Yes. *Looks at him, and Demyx blow up. Then, he revives everyone.* I’m goin’ to bed.

SL: Saix, vet time!!

Saix: Huh?! Vet?! I’m not an animal!! WOOF! What the fuck...

SL: JUST GO! *Takes Saix to the vets.*

At the vet’s office

Vet: You need shot’s for your pet?

SL: Yeah. And all the human shots too.

Vet: OK. *Gets all the shots out.* Rabies for canine. *Stabs Saix.* Rabies for human. *Stabs Saix* Whooping Cough…
2 hours later

Vet: Rabies for canine. *Stabs Saix.* Rabies for human. *Stabs Saix* Whooping Cough.

SL: You’ve used those 5 times!!

Vet: *Looks up.* I have?

SL: Yeah! But, can you also fix him?

Vet: OK! *Takes Saix into another room.*

30 minutes later

Saix: YOU BAS****! YOU HAD HIM- *Gets knocked out by me.*

At the Warehouse

SL: Marluxia, time for a haircut! *Makes hair Goth-like. Color, purple with black high-lights.* Like it?

Marluxia: I fu**in’ hate it!

SL: *Put sword to his neck.* I said: Do. You. Like. It?

Marluxia: Yes, sir… DON’T KILL ME!!!

SL: Good. You need a new hobby other then flower’s.

Marluxia: NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Starts cutting his wrists.*

SL: Well, you have a new hobby!

Vexen: Wait. I get to do dissections?!

SL: Hey don’t read over my shoulder! But, yes.

Vexen: Hallelujah!!!

Sephiroth: *See’s me approaching with scissor’s.* What are you doing. *I quickly cut all his hair off.* YOU BAS****!!! I’LL F***IN’ KILL YOU!!!

SL: For what?

Sephiroth: You shaved all my hair!!

SL: So? Next Dare!!! By… lord_bren!!

From: lord_bren

the first song was twilight zone by golden earring....

Axel: *shoots* stuff him mount him and repurpose him as a litter picking device.

Marluxia: *plays dude looks like a lady* keep that playing and don't destroy the stereo.

Demyx: *smiles* cut your hair

Roxas: ..... weird.....

Sora: Riku pwns you.

Kairi: what does Sora see in you?

SL:For guessing that song right, you, my friend, get…

Everyone: *Musically.* AN OREO COOKIE CAKE!!!

SL: That first song was ‘Twilight Zone’ by Golden Earring. I tried to trick you because there were two possible names, and you got it! Congrats!

Lord_Bren: *Shoots, kills, stuffs, and mounts Axel.* I’ll be back in when you need me!

SL: OK! *Turns the stereo on, puts in one of his Aerosmith CD’s, and turns it up and onto ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady.* Go, Aerosmith!!!

Marluxia: NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!! *Starts to cut his legs.*

SL: Wow!! That’s odd! Oh well!


SL: You might get a date!

Demyx: *That realization dawns on him.* Hell yeah!!!!

Roxas: Why am I weird?!?!

SL: Aren’t, man. He might not like you! Hey, where’s Yuki?

Roxas: She saw this blue-ringed Umbreon, and ran over to it.

Riku: Hell yeah!! I knew I was way better!! No one can beat me. *Goes to kis Kairi, and Sora kills him.*

Sora: No one touches my easy to lady!!

SL: Why do you like her?

Sora: *Shrugs. Then gets slapped by Kairi.*


Lyrics Game!!!!:

In a town without a name, in a heavy downpour
Thought he passed his own shadow, by the backstage door
Like a trip through the past, to that day in the rain
And that one guitar, made his whole life change
Now he needs to keep on rockin', he just can't stop
Gotta keep on rockin', that boy has got to stay on top

Last Song was Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce. Search it up!

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Sam Leonhart
King of Twilight, General of Hell
Sam Leonhart

Posts : 129
Munny : 64512
Join date : 2010-07-01
Age : 23
Location : Usually Radient Garden, but I have clones everywhere!

Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 4: Anyone here?   Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 11:35 am

Chapter 4
Anyone Here?

SL: Well, we don’t have much reviews…

SW: Duh! We have only 4!

Chuck Norris: Well, you can send me after them.

SL: True. But, if you kill them with your awesomeness, then we’ll have know more reviewers joining…

Chuck Norris: I’ll just scare them, then.

SW: Ok. Just say the disclaimer for us.

Chuck Norris: Got it. *Turns to the reader’s.* Sam Leonhart and Sam the Wuss don’t own Kingdom Hearts, Disney, any cameo’s, and definitely not me! *Goes to ‘talk’ to the drop-out reviewers.*

SL: *Walk’s into the main room, and lights a line of gunpowder that leads to each room.*

Everyone: *Runs out of there rooms, and puts them out.*

SL: You guys are getting good. Ready for dares?

Sora: Ok! Next Dares! *Gets shot.*

SL: *Holding gunblade.* Only I can say that!!!

From: FF.Net: Kimoto

Hmm since its a ToD... Dare. I wanna see Sam and Sora attack Leon during his free time.


SL: Looks like the Wuss’ friend replied. Whenever my Dad has free time… *Gets evil look in his eye, and pounds his fists together.* He dies!!

Leon: Kill me?! It only said to attack me!!

SL: So? Next Dares!!

From: FFU: lord-bren


Axel: *gives back* I'll use sonic from now on he's more oblivious.

Marluxia: Admit that you are a transie.

Demyx: *sets up a date with my OC Iki (PS it'll mostly involve her Pedoleeching Demyx.)*

Roxas: you're more human than Sora that's why you're weird. and I can use you for some AkuRoku

Sora: *stabs multiple times* JUST ****ING DIE!!!!

Kairi: let Riku kiss you

Riku: .... my friend suggested this dare, Take of your shirt and prove *takes out index card* that you are smexier than sora and axel. her words not mine.

Luxord: have some rum

and finally thank you for ze cookie. and it's a sitar not a guitar.

Roxas: *See’s Axel.* Yes! He’s back!!

Xemnas: He’s still dead. Therefore, useless.

SL: *Revives Axel. Then Axel attacks him.* Hey! I didn’t kill you! lord_bren did!

Axel: Oh yeah? Then where is he?

SL: At home probably.

Axel: *Rushes out, and burns to dust, and reforms right where he was.* Did you do that?

SL: Yep! Marluxia, will you answer?

Marluxia: *Still slitting his wrists.* Whatever…

Xion: Man, he’s depressing!

SL: Think of it this way. He ain’t bossing you around.

Xion: Good point.

Demyx: Awesome! When do I go?

SL: When I find out who Iki is.

Demyx: *Hangs his head.* Awww…

Yuki: You should just let him.

SL: How’s he supposed to know what she looks like?!

Roxas: More human than Sora?! Does that mean I get control?!

SL: Sure. *Sora become’s Roxas Nobody.*

Sora: *Deep within Roxas’ soul.* NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lord_bren: *Pulls Sora out.* Prepare to die. *Stabs Sora 10937502 times.*

Riku: I’m taking the chance… *Kisses Kairi on the lips for several moments.*

SL: Good job. *Kicks Riku into the Fangirl pit.*
Fangirls: Andre? *Pounces on Riku as a mass.*

Riku: *Screaming like a little girl.* I’M NOT ANDRE!!!!

SL: Ahhh… deranged fangirls. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Well, gotta save him for the dare. *Teleports Riku out. All he has left is his tattered boxers.*

Kairi: *Shrieks in pleasure.*

Marluxia: *Stops cutting himself, and shrieks in pleasure.*

Axel: Mar is gay!!!

SL: Duh. *Procures rum out of nowhere.* Here Luxord. Have some rum.

Luxord: Wanna have a drinking contest?

SL: Under aged.

Luxord: Oh well. *Starts chugging.*

12 bottles later
Luxord: *In a drunken heap with all his playing cards scattered around him.*

SL: Poor, poor man… And your welcome for the Oreo cookie ckae, and I switched the two, so be quiet! Next dares!!!

From: FFU: Naskara_Dragoon

...uh on the first dare I'm more refer to Terra's Knight form from the KHII FM+, but Vanitas will do! on to the dares.

Vexen: go have a research expanditions on the Obscure video games based Worlds (the other opinion is that Twilight book series), and do some various experiments (and dissections) on the ones you captured there.

Larxene: assist Vexen in his research (AKA torture/integerrgate Vexen's "experiments" for information without any restraint.)

Luxord: how much British culture you know of?

Lexaeus and Zexion: do the epic chess match in history.

Xion: let's see how much you fooled Sora's friends, with... your side-effect (I didn't play the DS game), if it works well cream pied them. (you can still cream pied them anyway, its for the next dare)

Everyone: FOOD FIGHT!

Marluxia: here some Apple Gel pie, hope you get over your emoness (at everyone else who's not Marluxia: take cover and don't let Marluxia know that Barbartos from Tales of Destiny will pwn Marluxia to the extreme due to that Marluxia uses an item (refers to Barbarto's Mystic Arte in the game)).

That's all for now!
SL: Two mistakes?! Holy shit, Wuss! Write better next time!! Besides… I don’t know what Obscure is. Even after Wuss searched it. So, VEXEN!!!!

Vexen: *Uses a Corridor of Darkness to teleport next to me.* Yes, boy?

SL: *Punches him in the gut.* Call me Sam, and you’re going to the Twilight Universe.

Vexen: Ooooohhhhhhh. Do I get to dissect?

SL: As much as you want! But, you have to catch them, and you have to take Larxene.

Larxene: Why do I have to go?!

SL: Naskara said so.

Larxene: *Under her breath.* Bitch *See’s everyone staring at her.* What?!

SL: You just insulted an authoress. ESS! A girl! I don’t know if she’s psycho or not, but if she is, your dead.

Larxene: Yeah right.

Vexen: *In fear.* Let’s go. *Grabs Larxene, and goes to the Cullen home.*

SL: I think Luxord still to drunk to say anything, Naskara. So, he can answer that question.

Zexion: You needed me?

SL: How did you know that?

Roxas: I went to get him and Lexaeus. *Points to Lexaeus, who is then knocked over by Yuki.*


Roxas: Can’t… Breath…

Yuki: Oops. *Lets Roxas go.*

Roxas: *Gasping.* Thanks…

SL: *Jumps on top of a table, holding a watermelon.* FOOD FIGHT!!! *Hit’s Xemnas in the head.*

Xemnas: *Falls to the ground, dead.*

2 hours later

I was standing across Chuck Norris. I had a mango, and he had a grape. Only one each. If he threw first, and I somehow dodged, I could do something. Then, his grape hits me.
“You lose.” He says in the awesome voice of pwn-ness.

Overall POV

SL: Damn! I thought to much.

Chuck Norris: I gotta go. *Revives everyone, and goes back to talk to the reviewers.*

Marluxia: *Finds a conveniently placed Apple Gel.* Is this my new hair-gel-colorer-in-one? *Puts it in his hair.*

SL: Run!! *everyone hides in a bunker.*

Marluxia: *Notices he’s alone.* Where is everyone?

Barbartos: *Breaks through the wall.* Who used the Apple Gel?!

Marluxia: *Raises his hand.*

Barbartos: *Epically kills him, leaving Marluxia as a pink spot on the ground.* See ya!

SL: *Walks out of the bunker.* Next Dares, anyone?

From: FFU: MrGreenMan12

I guess I could try
Xemnas: Eat a whole month's supply of laxatives.
Roxas: Stop eating Sea Salt Ice Cream DAMMIT!
Axel: Go a day in a dark cellar. Without Roxas or Xion though.
Sora: Trade in your keyblades and Gummi ships for A slice of cake.
I guess that's it.

Xemnas: What are laxatives?

SL: Here. *Hands him a months worth of laxatives.* Eat these.

Xemnas: *Eats them all. Then, runs to the bathroom, where he blow’s up.*

Axel: HAHAHAHA! That was f***ing hilarious!

Roxas: No Sea-Salt ice cream?! *Starts to tear up.* WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

SL: Wow. He’s still a kid inside, I guess… No control for you! *Lets Sora become whole again.*

Roxas: *Crying in Sora’s soul.*

Axel: Ok. Easy. *Starts to leave.* Wait… Permission to go pyro?

SL: Sure! I’d like to see that! *Puts a fire-proof camera in the cellar.* Now, get going! *Looks at next dare.* Good thing I put Sora in charge!

Sora: Why? *All his keyblades and Gummi Ships turn to cake:* CAKE!!!! *Eats them all.*

SL: Those were your weapons…

Sora: Oh. Shit.

SL: Well that’s it! I’m also accepting more co-hosts, so put it in your reviewers!

Too late, my time has come
Sends shivers down my spine
Body's aching all the time
Goodbye, everybody
I've got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
Mama, oooooooh (Anyway the wind blows)
I don't want to die
Sometimes wish I'd never been born at all

The Last song was: Jukebox Hero by Foreigner.

Leon: Ahhh… Free time… *Gets killed by Sam and Sora.*

SL: Dare… Complete!!!
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Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 5: Same Old Song and Dance   Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 11:45 am

Chapter 5: Same Old Song and Dance

SL: *Is lounging on a futon.* They should be getting here soon… *Then, 2 people thud to the ground nearby.* How you guys doing?

Exellion: *Raises a thumbs-up.*

Layle: Not so good. My back hurts…

SL: Get some rest. The chapter starts soon. *Looks at readers.* I killed the guy who thought up of disclaimers before he could, so they no longer exist! Enjoy!

Exellion: *Walks out of his room, and see’s everyone lounging around.* When does the chapter start?

SL: Now. Here are the first dares.

From: FF.Net: KimotoDragoon

Ah. Leon dead. Not what i meant but it works. Hmm Next Dare!

I wanna to see Sam make Saix actually smile for once in his life!

And no using whatever Demyx is on.

SL: Ok, Sean. I really don’t care what you wanted with that dare, but it’s done!

Saix: You will never make me smile, you poor OC.

SL: Oh, yeah?! *Goes over to Demyx.* What do you take?

Demyx: Umm… Some pills for schizophrenia, weed, speed, heroine, ecstasy, adrenaline, and dope.

SL: Dope and weed are the same thing.

Demyx: They are?!

SL: Ok. *Looks through lists of drugs.* Hmm… Cocaine. That’s all the Wuss wrote down. Man, he doesn’t know his drugs… I think the moon might work. *Gives Saix some coke.* Go snort this.


Saix: *Comes out high.* Do you have any beer?! *Trips.*

SL: No.

Luxord: *While drunk.* I’ll give him a bottle of rum.

Saix: Good enough. *Drains the whole bottle, and faints.*

SL: Is he smiling, Xion?

Xion: *Looks at Saix’ face.* Nah.

SL: *Walks over to Saix, and whispers in his ear:* The Moon.

Saix: *Unconsciously smiles.*

SL: Half a page and 30 minutes to get him to smile. This guy is depressing! Next Dares, I guess…

From: FF.Net: Yuki-Neechan

omg its pretty good
*Glomps Axel* even though im with CD i want to be with Axel i love him...lol ^.^
*Is cinfused* Why was I locked in a bathroom?...oh another qustion are we in human forms because i need to know...*tis forgot* so um...DARES!
Axel: I like u...do u like anyone


SL: Two dares clumped. And, Roxas?

Roxas: *Pokes his head out of a CoD.* *Whispering* Yeah?

SL: Teach Axel how to escape Yuki.

Roxas: *Whispering* Why?

SL: He’s Yuki’s next target.

Axel: *Looks up from his weapon catalog.* WHAT?!

Yuki: *Opens the door, and see’s Axel.* AXEY!!!!! *Glomps Axel, and chokes him to death.* I shall name you Axey, and you shall be my Axey!

SL: Yuki?

Yuki: *Looks up.* Yes, Sam?

SL: You killed him.


SL: And to answer the real Yuki, you weren’t locked in, you were using it, and you were walking out.
*Revives Axel.*

Axel: Well… Not really, but I always hit on Larxene. But she has a death sentence, so it may be dangerous…

Yuki: Yay!!! He’s all mine!!!! *Glomps Axel, killing him again.*I shall name you Axey, and you shall be my Axey!

SL: Let’s just go to the next dares…

From: FFU: Naskara_Dragoon

<_< this is quiet... too quiet...

Vexen: Disable all Larxene's powers for at least one chapter.
Larxene: while I'm not one of more Psychotic Authors, I can torture. *Chained Larxene in a raising pool of water filled with Larxene's fears in what appears to be a medieve torture chamber*
Demnyx: Grow a spine by learning from Chuck Norris, and make sure Larxene is never to let out til the next chap, with anything you can use.
Roxas, Sora, Vanitas, Ven, and Xion: have an epic free for all battle royal til the last one is standing.
Sam: ...Turn Saix into a puppy.
Kairi: SiSi (saix) the puppy is your new pet.
Axel: Pwn Marluxia out of his emoness. (GO AXEL GO!)

Thats all for now.


SL: Well… Vexen doesn’t have that power… But I do!! *Takes Larxene’s powers away.*

Larxene: Ha! No torture chamber!

SL: Oh yeah? *Points to the torture chamber next to the fan girl pit.*

Larxene: Where’d you get that?!

SL: Hacked my way into the LPMHIFSTHDS.

Xion: The what?

SL: Something of PitFTW’s.

Cloud: Say no more. *Secretly calls PitFTW to tell her what I did.*

SL: Ready for your torture?

Larxene: *eyes are shifting from side to side.* YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!! *Runs out, and gets incinerated by the defenses.*

SL: *Revives her ashes, and puts her in the torture chamber to do the dare.*

Demyx: Oohhhh… I get to meet Chcuk Norris?!

Chuck Norris: Yep. We have a training date. *Gives Demyx immortality, then they both dissappear. Then, they reappear.*

Demyx: *Looks like he has been training for a year and a half.* Time to beat her into submission.

SL: No beating.

Demyx: Yes sir! *Leaves.*

SL: Well, that will take awhile, and I don’t feel like putting things on hold, sooooooo… *Teleports warriors to a battle zone.* Let’s see who wins later!

Saix: *Mumbles in his drunken sleep.*

SL: *Uses loaned Author Powers to turn Saix into a puppy. Then, gives him to Kairi.* His name is SiSi.

Kairi: *Shrieks in pleasure.* THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Marluxia: Please, someone kill me… *Continues cutting his wrists.*

Axel: Gladly!! *Lights Marluxia on fire.*

Roxas: That’s what you get for not helping me with that Zip Slasher!

SL: Well… Nex- *Phone rings. Picks it up.* Hello? Uh-huh. Oh. Too bad. KNOW WHAT? F*** YOU! *Hangs up.*

Namine: Who was that?

SL: Steven Tyler’s lawyers. He sueing because of the chapter title. Too bad for them! *Puts a gun turret from Modern Warfare at the front door.* Squishy will handle them! So, next dares!

From: FFU: MrGreenMan12

Axel: Go Pyro in a fire station, and then get blown away.
Sora: Sacrifice Kairi and burn her body
Roxas: Go around Twilight Town In a Kilt
Demyx(or whatever his name is): *Switches Guitar with Magic Drums*
Riku: Challenge every single Guest Star in the games
That's all!

SL: Well, you heard the man! Get going!

Axel: *Rushes out, and sets all the fire houses on fire.*

Xemnas: I think he will get arrested…

SL: Probably… Oh. Sora!

Sora: *Trying to *cough*rape*cough* Kairi.* Yes?

SL: You need to sacrifice Kairi in a volcano.

Sora: Why?!

SL: Dare.

Sora: Fine! But I won’t like it! *Jumps into the volcano with Kairi in his arms.*

SL: Well… *Holds up a kilt.* Here you go, Roxas.

Roxas: What’s this for?

SL: Your walk in Virtual Twilight Town.

Roxas: No! I refuse! *Suddenly, he is thrown into the Death-i-Nation, where you can hear the ripping of flesh.*

Xion and Namine: *At the same time.* ROXAS!!! NO!!! I LOVED YOU!!!! *They look at each other.* BITCH!! HE’S MINE!!!! *They get into a catfight. All the guys gather ‘round, and root.*

SL: My ToD is so barbaric. And that’s what makes it funny!

Demyx: *Too busy watching the catfight to notice GreenMan switching his guitar for magic fire Bongos.*

SL: And… This is unfortunately not going to be dine, because I don’t know what the f*** your talking about. Next Dares!!


From: FFU: lord_bren

Axel: fail i didn't kill you. i had my friend do it.

Roxas: yeah sure... you're the human sora's the nobody

Sora: *coats in gasoline*

Axel AGAIN: light sora on fire.

Riku: you didn't prove anything prove it!

Kairi: ... how do you feel about Namine.

Marluxia: you ARE GAY! go do Yaoi with Vix- Vexen

Luxord: have some more rum

Larxene: beautiful. beautiful. Beautiful hairdo.

Saix: are you a dog?

Zexion: books... i want your book.

Lexeaus: how's the weather up there?

Vexen: you better let Marly do the yaoi with you.

Xaldin: do you cook for everyone?

Xigbar: go shoot some ducks.

Xemnas: hey Mansex Sexman and all words in between.


SL: Well, it was Lord_Bren, so it couldn’t of been you, lord_bren. Different. See it, and you’ll know! And… *Switches it so that Roxas is in control of the body, and Sora’s the Nobody, like last chapter.*

Roxas: Cool! I’m in control!

Sora: Awwwww… *Gets coated in gasoline.*

Axel: *Out on parole.* *Lights Sora on fire.* Worth the jail time!

SL: Good for you. Just don’t drop the soap.

Axel: Got it! *Gets carted away.*

SL: Actually, he got more shrieks then Roxas in any way, shape or form, and more then Axel in every way other then pyro loving fangirls. So, we did prove it!

Kairi: She’s just like me, except she has to fight for the guy she likes.

Namine: *Pops her head out of the fight.* True!

Marluxia: Yaoi! Ye-

SL: NO! NO YAOI!!!! And, Luxord doesn’t need more rum. He buys it every other day.

Larxene: *In the torture chamber.* thanks!!

SiSi: Woof(duh!)! *Licks himself down there. Looks up.* Woof?(Privacy, please?)

Zexion: You can-

SL: Here you go! *Gives Zexion’s book to lord_bren.* Hope you enjoy it!

lord_bren: I will! By the way, how’s the weather up there, Lexeaus?!

Lexeaus: *Is in the sky, help up by balloons.* GOOD! Now... How do I get down?

lord_bren: That’s nice. Now… DO IT VEXEN!!!

SL: *Knocks lord_bren out, and throws him out the window.* NO YAOI!!!

Xaldin: Who wants some fresh biscits?!

SL: … Real men don’t bake…

Demyx: Well… His cakes are good…

SL: *Looks at Demyx surprised.* Aren’t you supposed to be on a date?

Demyx: *Shocked.* Shit! *Runs out as fast as he can.*

Xigbar: It’s so damn boring! I never get dares!!! *Goes on a hunt.*

SL: Your dare says shoot some ducks!!!

Xigbar: GOT IT!

Xemnas: *Goes and cries in a corner.* Why does every one bring that up?!?!

Riku: Because it’s funny?

SL: That, it is! Well, chapters over. All I have to say is… Guess the song, come and join, and dare the FF and Disney characters once in a blue moon!


Steve walks warily down the street,
With the brim pulled way down low
Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet,
Machine guns ready to go
Are you ready, Are you ready for this?
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat
Out of the doorway the bullets rip
To the sound of the beat

The Last song was: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.
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Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 6: Takeover   Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD EmptyThu Jul 01, 2010 11:51 am

Chapter 6

SL: *Asleep on the futon. Suddenly, a blob of energy comes out of my mouth, and it forms into a human.*

Xasm: YES!! I’m out! Hmmm… *Gets out a marker, and writes ‘I am a loser’ on my face.* Better. Time to go start.


Yuki: *Pokes her head out the door.* Who are you?

Xasm: Xasm! I’m Sam’s Nobody! I’m the new Host!

Everyone: *Immediately they run out, hoping not to die. Exellion and Layle walk out last, and wave.*

Sora: Who are you again?

Xasm: Sam’s Nobody, Xasm.

Goofy: So… Sam’s gone?

Xasm: You could say that… Well, Next Dares!

From: FF.Net: KimotoDragoon

Hehe. Great Chapter.

Ok next dare... Hm...

I want to see Xemnas cook Larxene alive and then serve her to Luxord and see what Luxord does.

Xasm: Isn’t she still in the Torture Chamber?

Yuki: I think so… Let me check. *Goes into the Torture Chamber. Come back with the corpse of Larxene.* Here she is.

Xasm: Thanks! *Puts her in the oven.*

2 hours later.

Xasm: She’s ready! *Puts her on a plate, and puts it in front a Drunken Luxard.* It’s steak!

Luxard: STEAK?! *Eats it in 3 bites.* Tastes like bitch…

Xasm: Well… Its Larxene.

Luxard: Is that some sorta Italian cooking?

Xasm: Umm… Sure!

Xasm: Well, It’s good!

Xasm: Thanks! Next Dares!

From: FF.Net: Yuki-Neechan

sence I'm evil and u all love me
Sam:I dare u to watch and read all yaoi on this earth and u can do the punishment or let anyone elas do it for u
Axey:I don't want to kill u so u shall be immotly and not die Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD Icon_e_wink
So that's it for now...wait 1 more dare
everyone:dance to "hips don't lie" lol
yuki-neechan out


Xasm: … *Looks at Yuki.* Did you just tell him to watch Yaoi?

Yuki: And read it.

Xasm: Sorry about this. *Kills her.*

Axel: Wait… Am I immortal?!

Xasm: Yeah…

Axel: MUHAHAHAHA!!! *Goes on a rampage, and attacks me. I kill him with Author Powers.*

Xasm: No killing me.

Yuki: Wait… You have Author Powers?

Xasm: Yep. If Sam does, I do!

Yuki: Ok. Now! LETS DANCE!!!


Xasm: *Comes out of Sams room, wearing a different shirt.* Is it done?

Yuki: *Smiling.* Yep!

Xasm: Good. NEXT DARES!!!

From: FF.Net: Volixia669

Heads up, I'm a Zexy fangirl. K, what do I have for you. Oh I know!
To Everybody: Call Leon Leonhart, Squall for 2 chapters.
To Xemnas: *takes dual katanas* I have some business to take care off.
For Axel and Dem-dem: Lock them in a room together for twelve hours with the sitar song playing.
For Sora:*grabs Kairi and holds a katana to her neck* *take away Sora's keyblade and give him Donald's feather* Lets see what happens
.Torturing Kingdom Hearts: A KH ToD Icon_e_wink

Xasm: Hey! Zexion!

Zexion: Yes?

Xasm: You have a fangirl.

Zexion: Is she rabid?

Xasm: How can I know?! She’s a new reviewer, so don’t make her leave!

Zexion: OK! I just don’t want to have a rabid fan girl or one like Yuki…

Yuki: HEY!

Zexion: Sorry…

Leon: Lets just get going…

Xasm: Ok, Squall.

Squall: It’s Leon!!

Xasm: *In Leon’s Face.* IT’S A DARE!!

Squall: I don’t care!!! And… GET OUTTA MY FACE!!!

Xasm: Whatever. Xemnas!

Xemnas: What do you want, maggot?

Xasm: *Slices off Xemnas’ head, then revives him.* JUST BECAUSE I JOINED AFTER YOU GOT KILLED, AND I CAN ONLY CONTROL DUSKS, DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN INSULT ME!!! Besides, Volixia wants to fight you.

Xemnas: Ok. She shall die.

Xasm: *Teleports him away.* Yeah right… And, Demyx?

Demyx: Yes, Xasm?

Xasm: How long can you play your sitar?

Demyx: About… Maybe 15 hours?

Xasm: Good… *Tosses Him and Axel in, and makes him play.*

Sora: Where’s the Keyblade?!

Xasm: It’s right there… *Points to the feather he used in the first chapter.*

Sora: That thing again? Oh well.

Volixia: *Grabs Kairi, and puts a Katana to her neck.* If you beat me, she lives.

Sora: KAIRI!!! *Goes at her, and dies mysteriously.*


Xion: Whats a Hollow?

Xasm: Well… *Goes into the speech Rukia did.*

Everyone: *Lost their souls to the Hollow.*

Xasm: Oops. Oh well. *Does a mass revival.* Ok… NEXT DARES!

Everyone: *Groans.*

From: FFU: MrGreenMan12

Oh nice chap
Riku: Get swarmed by the Disney Characters
Organization XIII: Feel the mushy ness of the Disney characters and get swarmed also.
Sora: Shoot Kairi, then throw her in a gummi ship and blow it up
Roxas: After that, do the same to Namine and Xion


Xasm: I think he’s one of the regulars…

Sora: Yeah. He is.

Xasm: OK! Riku. Go to the store! We ran out of Donuts!

Riku: No donuts?! Shit! *Runs out, and gets swarmed by all of the cutest Disney characters. He dies a slow, and very painful death.*

Xasm: Who’s doing the Commentary?

Darth Vader: I am.

Xasm: Oh. Cool. Ok. XEMNAS!!

Xemnas: *Comes back as a dead corpse.*

Xasm: Oh, hell yeah! He got slaughtered!! *Revives him.* Take the Organization outside.

Xemnas: fine. Just don’t make me fight her again!! Organization! Move out!! *They step outside, and they all suffer the same death as Riku.*

Xasm: *Laughing.* That will never get old!!!

Kairi.: But… It will!

Xasm: NO! *Goes over to Sora.* I’ll give you $1,000,000,000 if you kill Kairi.

Sora.: Hmmm… Money? Or love? Money? Love?

Xasm: Money!

Sora: OK! *Shoots Kairi in the legs and arms, and throws into a Gummi Ship rigged with explosions.* Fire In the hole!!!!! *Blows it up.* Wait… Kairi was in there… WHY?! *Kills himself.*

Xasm: well… An extra death!

Roxas: And I have to do the same thing?!

Xasm: Yep! *Forces him to. With the Force!!*


Xasm: Don’t worry. NEXT DARES!!!

From: FFU: Naskara_Dragoon

*sneezes* *hold up sign that said 'difficulty to talk due to the cold/whateverthatis have affected my throat and my nose, the posted dares is written' and puts the sign down*

Xemnas: your head transforms into the Sea-Salt Ice Cream Head. ('and we go from there....')

Roxas, Sora, Vanitas, Ven, Xion and other Sea Salt Ice Cream lovers: LOOK SEA SALT ICE CREAM! *points at Xemnas*

Kairi: how is your new pet SiSi? Also shop til you drop for SiSI's new frilly dresses. *hands Kairi a gift card to the Pet-mart Mall clothing store*

Vexen: Build a mecha and rampage on the world by Sam's choice.

Axel: locked your self up in the most coldest storage room in the studio for 10 hours.

Xigbar: Surf through the black hole with the surfing board.

Demyx: do the most bad@$$ thing you can do out of an random action-packed anime.

All Girls: Dress Marly in a frilly pink drag (dress) and sign him up in the Girl's Pagent.

Sora: juggle everyone's keyblades (from all the Kingdom Hearts games) while walking on the rolling ball being chased by an Rolling Boulder without your special abilities.

Xaldin: go mr. stabby on all the Disney Characters (except the Mulan and POTC characters)

Luxord: steal all Jack Sparrow's rum, pirate-style.

Larxene: drink all the rum that Luxord stolen and drag Luxord to the closet, while you being drunk.

*holds up sign 'that's all for now' *sneezes* *sign the sign* 'not...again...'* *struggles to speak* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH CHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sneezes so loud that the studios can hear it a faint sound from the distance*


Xasm: Got it. You have a cold… Sorry to hear that. Well… Lets start! *Makes Xemnas’ head into a sea Salt Ice cream bar.*

Half the cast: *Attacks him, and eats his head.*

Xasm: Well, that was fast. *Sees Sisi go by.* Here, boy!

Sisi: *Tries to bite me.*

Kairi: Sisi! Bad doggy! Hey! I have an idea! Lets get you some clothes!

Xasm: Well, that’s convenient! Nask said she would send you a card! When it gets here, off you go!

Kairi: OK! *Walks off with a struggling Sisi in her arms.*

Xasm: Ok. Maybe Vexen did this by now… VEXEN!!!

Vexen: *Comes running.* Yes, Xasm?

Xasm: Do you have a giant fighting Mecha?

Vexen: Yes… Why?

Xasm: Go attack Atlantica.

Vexen: Yes, sir… *Walks off.*

Xasm: Now, why can’t Xemnas be like him?

Roxas: So, who is in the next dare?

Xasm: Axel. Who, I think is still dead! *Revives Axel.*

Axel: Finally! You have a dare for me?!

Xasm: Yep! *Throws him in Dante’s Freezer.* Have a ‘Cool’ Time!

Roxas: Horrible pun.

Xasm: What ever. Now, I wonder if Xigbar can surf…

Xigbar: Yes I can!

Xasm: *Turns around.* Good! Go surf that black hole! *Creates a black hole, and the studio is slowly be sucked in.*

Xigbar: Heres to a life well lived! *Goes surfing.*

3 hours later

Xigbar: *Still surfing, and is getting close to leaving the black hole.*

Xasm: Man, I have a new respect for him!

Braig: Even I’m not that good! And I’m his original!

Roxas: Yeah! He’s ro-- Oh. Never mind. He failed.

Xigbar: *Falls off, and gets sucked in.*

Xasm: Ouch… Oh well! He did good! Hmmm… An action packed Anime… Bleach, maybe?

Demyx: What’s Bleach?

Xasm: Remember the Hollow?

Everyone: Yes.

Xasm: It’s from Bleach.

Demyx: So… I have to fight something I can’t see?!

Xasm: *gives him Spiritual Powers.* Now you can! *Points to a Hollow rampaging.* See that? Kill it.

Demyx: *gets Handed a Zanpaku-to.* Ok… *Walks outside.*


Xasm: Oh, shit!

Roxas: What?!

Xasm: A monster house is a term from Pokemon, Mystery Dungeons. Its where there are dozens of enemies attacking at once. Here, They’re all Hollows!

Roxas: Is that bad?

Xasm: Yeah! He’s gonna die!

Roxas: Oh… Ok!

Marly(As he will now be called): Drag? OK!

All girls: *Takes him into a room.*

Xasm: If he were straight, he’d be in heaven!

Xemnas: If he had a heart.

Layle: *Looks up from the L4D game he and Exellion have been playing.* Is he always like that?

Exellion: *Never looking up.* Maybe. TANK!!

Xasm: Ok… Sora, juggle! *Throws every Keyblade at him, including his.*

Sora: *Juggles them perfectly.*

Roxas: *Casts a silent Fire magic at him, knocking him off balance.*

Sora: *Gets stabbed by all the Keyblades. Nothing was left.*

Xasm: Wow… Well, Xaldin, want to go Mr. Stabby?

Xaldin: What?

Xasm: Stab Disney characters.

Xaldin: OK! *Goes, and tries. He fails miserably.*

Xasm: Per usual. *Goes and find Luxord in the liquor store.* Go take Jack Sparrow’s rum.

Luxord: RuM?! *steals them, while fighting off pirates.*

Larxene: Wonder what it tastes like… *Drains 3 bottles.* ThIs Is GoOd! *Takes Luxord into a closet.*

Xasm: Well, she did that without me telling her to! Well, chapters done… And guys, seriously! Play the Lyric Game!

SL: Lets start th- XASM?!

Xasm: Oh, shit! Gotta run! *Uses a CoD to get away.*

SL: Oh well, I‘ll get him next time. See ya at next chapter!


Did you write the book of love,
And do you have faith in God above,
If the Bible tells you so?
Do you believe in rock ‘n roll,
Can music save your mortal soul,
And can you teach me how to dance real slow?

Well, I know that you’re in love with him
`cause I saw you dancin’ in the gym.
You both kicked off your shoes.
Man, I dig those rhythm and blues.

The Last song was: Another One bites the dust, by Queen! Search it up!
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