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 The Truth

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Sam Leonhart
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The Truth
Prologue: Sword I

I’m in the back of the yard, in the shed, working on a blade. It probably won’t be used for several years, but might as well start it now. Then, I could modify it if needed. Then, I hear the sound of a toddler’s feet on the lawn.
“DADDY!!” my 3-year-old son, Sam, yells. “What are you doing?” I hide the blade, and quickly say, “Nothing. Did you want something?”
“Daddy,” Sam says, “Can you tell me a story?”
“Okay…” I think for several seconds. “Got it! How about…”
“I want to hear one I haven’t heard!” Sam demands.
I smile, and sigh. I think harder, and no idea’s pop up. Instead, a memory. “How about when me and your mom got married?”
“I want action!” Sam says dejectedly.
“Don’t worry,” I say, putting him on my lap. “It will have plenty of action.”

5 years before
I had just finished border patrol, and had just fended off about 12 Nobodies. I heard the gate open, and I saw Cloud walk out.
“Leon!” he yells. “Someone wants to see you!”
“Who?” I yell back.
“Some girl…” he said, then stopped to think. “What was her name again? What was it?”
“What did she look like?” I say, since I had walked up next to him.
“She had black hair, dark eyes, and kinda pale-ish skin…” Then I ran into the town, as he yells, “Her name is Riona!”
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The Truth
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